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How to fix a computer in 30 seconds only?

Repairing a faulty computer is not always easy for ordinary people. CPU that does not turn on, refusal to obey any kind … Fortunately, there is an ultimate method, recently presented on YouTube. It solves problems with any computer hardware in just 30 seconds. A radical, but infallible technique to finally end with the blue screens!

Your keyboard does not work anymore? No problem. Your laptop does not react, your browser is blocked, you can not launch your favorite software? These worries of everyday life will all be solved, in just a few seconds. The advantage of this method is that it does not require any technical knowledge (only a few eggs). But in reality, the disappearance ad vitam eternam of the blue screen of death  is the only convincing result obtained. See instead.

The director of the video is not on his first try. He regularly offers absurd tutorials on his YouTube channel ”  HowToBasic “. The method to repair a laptop easily is probably the most successful, but other videos are available. The topics are eclectic to say the least: you can guard against the dangers of everyday life by learning how to defendyourself against bear attacks , master teleportation , develop an application for iPhone, and even  solve a Rubik’s Cube . All in a few seconds, a minute at most. Needless tutorials so essential, which total more than 100 million views.

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