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Canal + unveils its new decoder: Ultra HD 4K, Dolby Atmos and multiroom

It’s official, the Canal + group has just unveiled its new satellite internet decoder. Baptized simply the “Canal Decoder”, it was designed to “get ahead”, according to Maxime Saada, General Manager of the group. Let’s see all the details.


Two and a half years after the launch of the Cube S and hopefully it will recruit new customers, the Canal + group presents a new housing to enjoy many programs by satellite but also via the Internet. Note that whatever the means of reception of the customer (satellite or Internet), the only housing proposed by Canal + is this one.
We are entitled to a new design devised by BETC Design, a little more rounded than the previous voluntarily cubic model. Compact, the decoder is the size of an A4 sheet. It has a textured coating and a minimalist facade with an on / off button, a button – and a last +. No display is planned. Simplicity and minimalism are in the spotlight.

One of the great assets of this Canal Decoder is to be compatible with Ultra HD content. To benefit from it, it is still necessary that the original content proposes it, that the television can support it and that the means of reception (satellite or Internet) proposes a flow of at least 10 Mbits / s, according to Canal where certain services competitors such as Netflix or Apple) require a minimum of 25 Mbps. Remember that the higher the flow, the better the image. What about the one proposed by Canal? At Ultra HD, we can add compatibility with the standard Dolby Atmos as well as the HDR format, to come … Also, to enjoy the Dolby Atmos, you must have a compatible audio system (soundbar, amplifier).

A 4K decoder but not (yet) 4K content ?? 
According to the first tests, it seems that the only accessible Ultra HD content is on the channel Fashion TV 4K (channel 1078) and a mini trailer channel Demo UHD (channel 500) … On terms Canal announces that: ” This channel will offer the best match of each day of Ligue 1 in 4K / Ultra HD, Original Creations CANAL + in 4K / Ultra HD and a selection of films, series, documentaries in 4K / Ultra HD “
No content in VOD would be available in Ultra HD at the moment but this should change thanks to the availability of content by producers.

The Canal Decoder interface has been completely redesigned to get closer to the experience of the MyCanal application available on Android and iOS smartphones and tablets.

The Canal Decoder integrates a hard disk with a capacity of 320 GB with the ability to record up to 4 programs simultaneously. Unfortunately, Canal flanges at 80 GB actually available. If you want to enjoy all of its storage capacity, you have to go to the cash register and pay 29 euros. To take advantage of a higher storage space, you have to go through the subscription to a paying option of 99 euros to receive an external hard drive of 1 TB and to be able to connect it to one of the USB ports available on the back of the device. It is possible to connect your own hard disk. Note that in case of a change of decoder, all the recordings will be lost as it is currently the case.Canal unfortunately not allowing the backup on a cloud service,

The remote is Bluetooth and includes a microphone to control the decoder to the voice.

The Canal Decoder can, soon, deliver an image (and of course the sound) on other “mini-decoders” for other TVs in the house, via a Wi-Fi network. According to Canal, it will be possible to watch up to 3 programs simultaneously on three separate screens within the same household.

The Canal Decoder can be connected to a dish (and the Internet to take advantage of online services) or connected in Ethernet only or Wi-Fi directly on the Internet box of the operator.

For whom and for how much? 
In order to have this new decoder, priority is given to new subscribers with, for the current ones, the possibility of requesting renewal of the equipment. Canal did not specify whether such an operation would be profitable and from when it could be effective.

So, to summarize, the Canal Decoder is now, immediately, a new interface, a certain fluidity in the navigation, the ability to enjoy 4 simultaneous recordings, an Ultra HD 4K image on a channel and a demo. Coming soon: 4K Ultra HD channels and VOD, an enriched infotainment experience thanks to multi-live, Dolby Atmos, HDR, voice recognition, a possible broadcast on 3 other TVs at home, the resumption of reading to start the movie in the living room and finish it in the bedroom, for example.

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