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A problem with your laptop screen? Replace it and save money

Today, the notebook market is booming and more PCs are being sold than PCs.
However, it is possible that during a displacement, a transport or simply inadvertently, the screen undergoes an irreversible shock.
These little problems are not covered by the guarantees of the manufacturers and to avoid having to pay high prices, there are solutions that allow you to replace the screen with less expenses such as website .

By definition and considering its position and size, the screen is the most fragile and most exposed part of a laptop. It may require replacement during a violent shock or when problems appear on its slab such as dead pixels, horizontal or vertical lines turned off, even black spots.

If you notice any such problems, immediately contact the computer manufacturer’s after-sales service if it is still under warranty and covers the problem (s) observed. Otherwise, take a look at the website .

Indeed, the site proposes to provide you the slabs of screens for almost all the laptops of the market whatever its mark and its manufacturer. supplies the slabs to the biggest manufacturers such as Samsung, LG Philips, AUOptronics, Chi Mei and many others. Thanks to the purchase of large volumes, guarantees you to obtain the best prices, up to 50% cheaper than going directly by the manufacturers of laptops. In order to ensure the quality of the slabs, they are tested before shipping which can occur within 24 to 48 hours.

To determine which screen you need, the website offers a search engine based on size, resolution, surface and of course the brand. All phases are perfectly explained on the site. Are also detailed, the different stages of mounting the screen.

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