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How to repair a laptop?

Repairing your laptop can be a complex operation. The machine may hang or fail to light or a virus can damage valuable documents. How to repair your laptop in an emergency? This guide will give you tips and tricks to first determine the problem and then fix the problem.

The computer does not start

Often, blocking issues require the reinstallation of the operating system, such as Winows or Mac OS. To do this, all you need is the installation disk. Attention, before proceeding with the reinstallation, one must first save its data on a different partition or in an external hard disk. This is due to the need to reset the primary partition before installation, which is often the case. A utility of Windows Vista or Windows 7 allows this operation. This is the tool for transferring files and Windows settings. It can be accessed from the program menu or by choosing Run> MIGWIZ. This wizard allows in a few steps to save documents, e-mail settings, MSN contacts and favorite web addresses in a file that can be saved to a folder, an external hard drive, or burn to a CD. This same file can be recovered after reinstalling Windows. Like magic, the new Windows is similar to the old one: even the desktop background or the screen saver are restored.

Case of virus infection

In the case of viral infection, it is essential to use antivirus software. In the case where one does not have one, consult the site which proposes many solutions. In its download section, we can see antivirus software, antispyware and free firewalls. Remember to create a boot and diagnostic disk – for viruses that allow it – it can be useful in the case of a serious infection to the point where the computer does not boot anymore.

Ask a specialist

If despite all efforts the problem is not solved, it is necessary to call on a specialist. On, it indicates that the price of the diagnosis is 15 € (fixed price), the hour of labor is charged 55 €. The amount is however capped at 165 €. Another site, [[ | http: //]], offers packages of € 49 for the reinstallation of the system, € 98 to reinstall the system, drivers and an antivirus and € 149 (prices recorded in June 2011) for an extended installation including a software package. These operations are done during the day.